Microsoft Summer Training 2016 by MTA India

MTA India offers best summer training program in this year to several degree or IT students. As a well-established training institute in India, MTA India has better trainers and experts with respect to different platform. The objective of this training program is to provide a platform to the students to implement their educational knowledge into professional field. MTA India has started a mission in which final year students can get involve in real time projects and to make them understand about business needs in indifferent aspects. Here is the complete information about Microsoft Summer Training 2016 which is providing by MTA India. Please go through this blog to explore more.

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Microsoft Summer Training 2016:

Summer Training is a program through which different students get involve in real time projects of corporate world. This training program is valid for B.Tech/M.Tech/B.C.A/M.C.A students. It’s an effort to merge the educational and professional field in one platform. Technical or IT students will get aware about business environment, client interaction, project handling, team work, etc. These key points are also helpful in their career growth. Future is clear. But you have to work hard in present to get success in future.

Microsoft Summer Training 2016 is a training program which has been organized by Microsoft Technology. Microsoft wants to increase or develop the technical knowledge of millions of student, who are the future, and show a path towards a better business or corporate era. According to this training program, the qualified candidate will get international certification from Microsoft Technology. That certificate is the pass to get placement in different multi-national companies. MTA India is providing some exciting gifts for registered candidates. First 1000 students will get free international certification towards Summer Training 2016 program. So do no waste time. Register now on Summer Training 2016.

High School Students With Teacher In Class Using Laptops
Micro Soft Summer Training By MTA India

Courses Involved:

Following courses are included in Summer Training 2016 program by MTA India. These are:

1.      Programming in C

2.      ASP.Net with C#

3.      ASP.Net with MVC

4.      Android Application

5.      JAVA

6.      Advanced JAVA (J2EE)

7.      PHP with MySQL, and many more.

Training Schedule:

Microsoft Summer Training 2016 has been scheduled in 6 states this year. For complete information about training address and schedule please visit our Microsoft Summer Training 2016 page. Noida, Dehradun, Lucknow are key cities for summer training program. So enjoy this summer by creating your success ladder with MTA India. Visit for more information.

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