Six Months Project Based Training by MTA India

Feature of Six Months Project Based TrainingSix Months projects based training is a different course provided by MTA India. The main mission of this training is to prepare students to stay updated with latest updates of technology and IT fields. They can use their talent and integrate the latest updates related to their core firms. Using this training, then can learn how to utilize their technical education in professional field. MTA India is providing one of the best project based training program in India, which covers all subjects related to student’s curriculum. In this six month, MTA India also integrates students in live projects for professional experience.


This training is specially designed for degree students of MCA, BCA, B.Tech, M.Tech, etc. and involves them in some IT range field like business, science, communication, etc. Microsoft Industrial Training is one of the best examples of this project based training program. It covers all the syllabus of respected courses. MTA India has expert and experienced trainers. They are proficient key subjects of IT department like Programming in C, C++, Android, PHP, Java, .Net, Mobile Development, etc. So, students who want to build their career as a developer or designer, this program is best suited for them.

Modules of Microsoft Industrial Training:

The mission of Microsoft Industrial Training is to show the path to students for better professional life in upcoming future. In short, in this program, we train them to implement their educational knowledge into professional world. They can get acquaint with business or professional environment through this program. Students can choose any module during the training. Some of them are:

1.    Programming in C
2.    PHP with MySQL
3.    Android
4.    Advanced Java
5.    ASP.Net with C#
6.    ASP.Net with MVC, etc.

MTA India is providing this training program in Noida, Lucknow and Dehradun area from the beginning. Normally, this training is provided to students during their final semester examinations. Duration of this program is around six months. For more information about Microsoft Industrial Training with complete schedule, click here.

Feature of Six Months Project Based Training:

The main reason to choose this training program with MTA India is complete student attention. We focus on each and every student’s education and learning with individual attention. Some of the features of this training program are listed below:

1.    We specify every single industrial training course to our students and provide broad range of fundamental.

2.    We have authorized, certified IT training institute form Microsoft.

3.    We also provide comprehensive assessments during the training program.

4.    Ever qualified student in this program will get certificate from Microsoft Company and get a chance to work with India’s top business industries.

MTA India is providing best opportunity to students to achieve their dreams. To get complete information about our courses, please visit our official website

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